IBM i Optimization and Application Modernization Success


Want to learn how to modernize your IBM i apps with an effective strategy?

Join our three-part webinar and learn how to successfully plan, start, execute and optimize your IBM i application modernization projects.

The pressure for IT to respond to rapid business/competitive changes and provide innovation leadership to the business is constantly increasing. Legacy application portfolios often present significant challenges when it comes to change and agility, so modernization is an absolute necessity.  

How do we transform our legacy applications into modern systems with browser and mobile interface access? How do we put them in the cloud? How do we give the business transparent and meaningful access to our "Big Data"? More importantly, where do we start? 

Our webinar series is designed to answer these questions and teach you how to carry out a successful modernization project, step-by-step.  

Register to view the webinar series and learn:
- How to plan for successful modernization
- How to modernize your IBM i, UI and Database
- How to better manage & optimize your existing IBM i applications


The webinars help to Identify and understand the importance of defining the failures and how to turn them in to success with effective planning tips and a ‘how to’ approach:

  • Provide the business and technical benefits of legacy modernization and the associated ROI opportunities
  • Bridge the resource gap and benefit from expert knowledge
  • Provide better and accurate reporting to the business 
  • Understand the common strategies and approaches to legacy application modernization and identify when each is the right fit
  • Identify and improve code quality and so much more...

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Webinar Presenters

CHRIS Rob Rheault IBM i Fresche Legacy
Chris Koppe
VP Corporate Strategy -
Fresche Legacy
Rob Rheault
Director of Managed Services -
Fresche Legacy

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